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CHECK YOUR PULSE – 10 minute Fun Cardio Workout that gets you sweaty & tones your core & legs

Make each minute count in this fun & challenging 10 minute workout! Take your body through moves you pulse in to get that tone you want. You'll have a serious sweat going by the end. Your fave move…

MARCH 2023 Workout Schedule

LOVE LANGUAGE – 10 minute Cardio Workout to get you sweaty in no time!

No time? No problem! This awesome 10 minute quick cardio workout is all you need to get the sweat you're looking for! And I don't waste a single minute of your time. This fun aerobics class is complete…

20 minute KICKBOXING JUMP – tone your arms & core in this fun kickboxing workout

Kickboxing is the real deal. And you will feel like the real deal when you try this cardio workout you can do at home! As per all BRIGHTER FITNESS workout videos, expect to sweat like a mother! While…