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I try to keep my dance moves fresh at all times. In case someone yells “dance-off”, I need to be ready. Ready to win!

If you’re feeling like your cardio workout needs to get juiced up, this 10 minute cardio workout you can do at home is for you! Every section has a 3, 2, 1, countdown and a throwback dance move! You might remember some of these if you were a teenager in the ’90’s! While you’re following along in this short aerobics class, you’ll be working up a sweat, toning your core and totally boosting your mood! Don’t forget to do the talk test so you know that you’re pushing yourself the right amount: you are breathing heavy enough to the point where you can talk, but you don’t want to. Rewind it to do the full aerobics routine as many times as you want. But its a great 10 minute workout if that is all the time you have. Your favorite moves will be the Cow Tow Knees & Lunge and of course the Runningman! My friend JoDee Ensman from @jodee.ensman.coaching shares the scripture and uplifting thought in the Stretch Devotional. The Bible verse she shares is Matthew 1:23. Find JoDee on instagram to check out her services in working with teens and young adults.She is terrific at what she does! My name is Greta. I am married to my best friend, together we have 7 children, I am a devout Christian and as an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor, I love teaching aerobics! I believe in including Jesus Christ in my fitness journey!                



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