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When I think of the word “youthful”,  I think “energized” and “active”! Think about how active kids are with recess, playgrounds, community sports, building forts and riding bikes. Oh to be young again enjoying the monkey bars and swings. It seems like most homes are fighting the battle of too much screen time and not enough active time. If you want your kids to be more active, be active with them! My 2 year old loves it when I join her on the slides. After dinner I often take short walks and my three youngest girls love to come with me.

These new 10 minute CARDIO – SNAP SETS workouts are perfect for doing when you’re in a hurry or with your children! The videos are short, fun and physically challenging! I don’t build the combination as quickly as my other cardio workouts and there are few changes to remember. Before you know it, you’ll be sweaty and laughing and done with another great cardio workout! You can do these by yourself of course, when you’re short on time but need a good sweat!

This 10 minute cardio workout is perfect if you have no time but you still need something to get your heart rate up. The combination has fewer sections and it builds at a pace perfect for a short workout. The pace is also perfect for working out with your kids. You’ll love the Ninja Jacks and the Throw It section! You’ll feel the physical challenge of this one all the way through! Repeat the final run through if you need a little more.  



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