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One of my favorite things to do as a young girl, was watch dance team competitions. Still is actually. I’ve always been fascinated with what these girls can do and how synced they are. In fact, I used to record college dance team competitions on a VHS tape – it was a mix of a bunch of dance routines that I loved. Oh how I wish I could dance like them!

I couldn’t not do a hip hop flavored dance cardio routine! There are so many moves that I try to copy. If you’re like me, then it seems impossible to copy an entire Cougarette routine. Oh to be young, flexible and skilled! The only way I can scratch the constant itch of wanting to be on a college dance team, is to do a Hip Hop flavored dance cardio routine! And this is only the first one!

Take it to the dance floor with this 45 minute super fun Dance Cardio Workout! We get the heart rate up and sweat buckets while getting in the groove! There are some newer up to date dance moves, and some classics from when I was a teenager. And they are all very aerobic! You will be amazed at how hard it is with a slower beat than most of my workouts… stick with it past the warm up and the first move “Motown”. Your FAVE MOVES will be the Squat Twitch, Dust Your Boots and the Hot Lava Shuffle! – And . . . there’s a SURPRISE in the middle and at the end! I decided to keep it in instead of editing it out.


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