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Do you love to do the Corn Maze at the local fall festival every October? I love doing the corn maze, but I actually haven’t done very many of them. My husband would always rather watch kids on a bounce house. The wandering around with no sense of where you are and how to get out does not appeal to him. He does let me talk him into it every now and then. When we’ve gone in with our children, we all laugh a lot. And take turns feeling lost or feeling like we know the way . . . but it’s all fun! Even if we end up putting the littlest on Dad’s shoulders – which kills two birds with one stone. The child doesn’t have to walk anymore and they can see where the exit is. Maybe a Corn Maze sounds more fun than it actually is, but I enjoy the time together and feeling safely lost trying to discover the way out. It’s an adventure!

This routine is full of high intensity interval training! It’s disguised as a cardio workout that is actually super fun! Whenever you slow it down half time to learn something new , then bring up the heart rate when you go for it full on tempo, you are using HIIT. Just like burning more gas driving around town, this type of training burns more calories with the different speeds.

Might as well get a fun cardio workout in while going through a CORN MAZE right? The Roger Rabbit, Soccer Kicks and Aerial Jacks are just a few of the moves to get you through the a-MAZE-ing routine! You may decide to use some of these moves at the next Fall Festival Corn Maze. Give it your all on the last time through to feel the elation of finally getting out of a Corn Maze!


A quick insight I share while stretching is about having gratitude. Have an attitude of gratitude in doing this fun workout! Express gratitude for your body out loud! Say the words! We all need to feel and express more gratitude for what we can do. There’s enough negativity that typically surrounds body image. Let’s start a movement of gratitude instead!

I hope after doing this fun cardio workout that your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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