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With Thanksgiving coming up, I knew I wanted to create a routine that felt right with the theme. Several ideas popped in and out of my head. A football-based routine? Hmm no, not quite what I’m looking for. How about  a parade-style routine? Maybe not right now. Giving thanks? YASS! That’s it! I felt on fire and truly tingled head to toe with gratitude and anticipation as I choreographed this beauty. Talk about an at home FUN cardio routine!

The best way to show gratitude for your amazing body is to move your amazing body! This is what it’s all about. The mission statement of Brighter Fitness is found in every movement of this fun routine! I promise the 60 minutes fly by. You’ll be so busy picking up on some of my new fave moves like the Pocket Watch, Happy Dance and the L Runningman, that you won’t realize the ticking clock. Every minute is packed with everything you’re looking for and more from a super fun cardio routine you can do at home. You will feel like giving yourself a big hug of gratitude, sweaty arms and all, by the time you’ve finished.


Once you learn the L Runningman, you could have family dance-offs in your kitchen. In fact, send me some footage! Post to Instagram and tag me @brighterfitnessfriends . It’ll be so fun to see everyone jamming out this new move! Or post it on the Brighter Fitness Friends Facebook group page!

And, I ran a couple of the names of moves (NOMs) by my husband. He did not disappoint with his own rendition of what the Pocket Watch and the L Runningman are.

Show your body gratitude as you s t r e t c h . Saying things that you’re grateful for out loud will help feed that positivity too!

I hope that after doing this fun cardio workout your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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