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It turns out that you don’t need any high school track & field or cross country experience to run in a race as an adult. I was not an athlete in high school, but I enjoyed running with my sister who was in track. She is a foot shorter than me, so my stride mostly matched her speed when she was just running for exercise and not speed.

Later in life, I discovered a love for running when I heard about interval training. When some of my neighbors found out I ran for exercise, they asked me to be on their relay team. As long as no one cares about winning, I’m in! I’ve never done any marathons or halfs, but I really enjoyed the relays. Don’t get me wrong… my heart and passion are with aerobics, but I love running too! So when I decided to combine my 2 fave modes of exercise, the choreography that came together for it just felt so right to me!

On your mark, get set, GO! This fun 30 minute workout will get you going in the morning and get you going in your fitness goals! Bring it for the Runningman and Can Can Kicks. And don’t forget to get d o w n there right at the start with 4 Square. This is a total body involvement kind of routine. A great way to check your energy level output is the talk test. You should be out of breath, but not gasping for air. The talk test is, you are able to talk a little with a few phrases, but you don’t want to. You’d rather focus on breathing than talking. So talk test to me! It’s a quick, powerful and FUN cardio routine!


We finish at the beginning here . . . where we should start every goal, every day, every thing is with God first. When I wrote down my cue notes for this routine, without noticing, I titled it: “Ready Set God”. I decided that was so appropriate. I will have a much more successful day if I put God first before I go and do!

I hope that after doing this fun cardio workout that your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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