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January. You have so much promise and anticipation. Thank you for coming every new year to energize me into making goals. Let’s all have a moment of gratitude for January! The key here for New Year’s resolutions, is to not have them cover the whole year. Just take it one month at a time. You can revisit and adjust your goals with each new month, instead of throwing in the towel for the year because January didn’t turn out the way you wanted. It’s all in your power to determine, write down and accomplish your goals. And adjust them. A good plan for January is to hit the ground running! Take all that new year goal setting feeling and go for it! You will need this motivation to get you started! And make sure you start with a FUN cardio workout!

We all need a HI 5 and a PUSH to get us going on our goals . . . this 60 minute cardio workout does both! Trust me, 1 hour will go by fast because you will be having so much fun while pushing yourself. Be sure to HI 5 it out on the Skip Hop, Floor Slaps and DTV’s. Bring it so you can feel that you successfully PUSHED yourself!


After the fun cardio workout section, enjoy some standing abs! While stretching I share this little tidbit I learned:

We need to listen to ourselves less, and talk to ourselves more.

I often have negative thoughts circling around in my mind. It’s time to stop listening to that and start talking to yourself. Bring in new thoughts by saying them outloud!

I hope that after doing this fun cardio workout your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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