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Doesn’t this sound like a great workout? It is! The answer for everything is love. Or chocolate. Or not chocolate. But mostly, LOVE. I have a strong belief that we get more out of our bodies when we show our bodies some love. In word and deed. There’s a lot of love shown in our deeds as parents. Motherhood is a core workout itself. Big movements. Small movements. Balancing. Reaching. The inspiration for LOVE AT THE CORE came from wanting to show my core some love and strength from all that I ask of it throughout each day.

The core is the powerhouse of your body. Functional training is all about the core and there are a lot of functional training elements in this routine . . . even though it’s a super fun cardio workout. Love at the Core is one great way to give your core some love. Make the difference in your exercise by staying focused on engaging your abs. No daydreaming here or you won’t maximize the benefits!

Give your body and soul some love with every move! Your core will be engaged throughout this entire 50 minute FUN cardio routine! A serious fire will burn in your abs as you do moves like Paper Route, Birthday Clown, Door Busters and more! This fun workout is also time adjustable.


Do you struggle with negative thoughts like I do? During the abs and stretching segment, I share some insights on how to conquer these bad thoughts. Let the adversary know that you are on to him, and that his old tricks won’t work on you. Get that garbage out of your head by voicing it out loud to a trusted friend, or writing it in a text or journal. You can rip it up if you want! Bad thoughts are garbage so don’t store garbage in your mind. Get it out and in the trash. Love yourself!

I hope after doing this fun cardio workout, that your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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