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Do you enjoy stomping around. Who doesn’t? It feels good to just make some noise with my feet. In fact, I started taking a clogging class when I was 37, and I love it! And who hasn’t gone outside in a rain storm and stomped and splashed in the puddles? As a toddler I did and even now as an adult I enjoy dancing, singing and stomping in the rain!

And don’t forget to bring it during the GRIT section! It’s meant to pull that beast mode out of you and really crank up the fire! You will definitely be raining sweat when this baby is done. Your body produces more Human Growth Hormone (HGH) during HIIT exercises. You definitely want as much HGH as you can get. One way you can contribute to the amount of HGH your body releases is pushing yourself during hard exercise. So get after that HGH!

But there’s another reason to keep up all the stomping. The force you create when you engage in dynamic movements like jumping, stomping, step aerobics, etc. sends a message to your bones that they need to strengthen themselves. Its like they sense a potential danger and a way to combat that is to become stronger. So you’re fighting off osteoporosis whenever you get into the stomping. Make sure your stomps are THUNDEROUS during this super fun cardio workout!

Bring the THUNDER with loud stomps and feel the RAIN of sweat on your face! This fun at home cardio workout will challenge you with moves like Slap Jacks, Doorway Lunges and Grow the Corn. Have fun with all of it, but especially with the Roger Rabbit! Takin it back to 6th grade baby! I love getting into the hard stuff when I have a Roger Rabbit in the mix. It’ll feel like playing in the rain! You got this.


During the stretching segment, I read the hymn “Did You Think to Pray?” by Mary A. Pepper Kidder. Hymns are such beautiful poetry put to music. This hymn in particular talks about prayer and asks that question, “did you think to pray?”. There are several instances throughout one day even, where offering a prayer would make a difference. Why do we forget about this connection we have that can be our saving grace? If you take away anything from this hymn, just pray.

I hope after doing this fun cardio workout that your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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