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I totally dig swing dancing! And have since I was a teenager. It is fascinating to me that there was an era where young people invented, learned and performed this crazy fun style of dance! And swing dancing became popular again in the late ’90’s. With all its tricks, lifts, flips and turns I hungered to learn all I could in my high school years . . . and teach whoever was around me. Many years later, it felt so good to put my love for swing into a fun cardio routine!

This video has hip hop music instead of a big band sound. But it is so stylin’! I had a blast feeling the hip hop vibe and you will too! We may have a new movement on our hands. Don’t forget to give the video a thumbs up and a nice comment, if you feel so inclined. And subscribe to my Brighter Fitness YouTube channel!

Swing dancing is a legit workout, with all the big movements, jumping, kicking, etc. Expect to get sweaty, out of breath and have the time of your life in this FUN routine! You’ll get the fun cardio workout at home that you’re looking for. And you’ll be hooked on this choreography! This routine is the BEES KNEES!! No partner needed! You will be dancing your heart out . . . and your heart rate UP! You won’t have to be a “ducky shincracker” (good dancer) to get this one down. By the time you’re done, you’ll be an ACE at swing! Some of your fave moves will be Grow the Corn, Twist Jumps and the Rocking Horse. Come back to this one often to get the hang of it!


The short story I share while stretching is titled, “The Devil’s Auction”. The devil uses the tool of discouragement in almost everyone. In this story, it is priced the highest of all his tools up for auction. The only person he has a hard time getting into with discouragement is a person with a grateful heart. Don’t let the sneak attacks work on you. Have a grateful heart!

I hope after doing this fun cardio workout that your day is a little BRIGHTER!



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