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I’ve been known to go a little crazy sometimes… And it’s really fun when that comes out in a work out. 

There is an episode of Friends where Phoebe is trying to help Rachel enjoy running more so she takes Rachel to Central Park. Then when Phoebe demonstrates how she enjoys a run best, she goes a little wild. She looks like she’s having a bout of insanity – flailing her arms all over the place while running. Rachel gets super embarrassed to be seen with her and tries to go unnoticed. At the end of the episode, Rachel decides to embrace the full crazy method of running Phoebe’s way . . . and enjoys it! Let’s all embrace a little insanity that can creep up on us, and set it free in a workout!   

I often feel the need to get a little happy-insanity out. I dance around the house. Or in an empty movie theater . . . or an empty-ish big store (I’ve made a few IG reels showing this). I can’t help it! The fun thing about going a little insane or feeling delirious (or slap happy) is that you can physically  g e t   i t   o u t  by doing a cRaZy dance move or two  … or ten.

This fun at home workout came about from wanting to harness in some crazy energy into a routine. Big movements that feel a little silly can REALLY get the heart rate up! Sooo…. feeling’ a little crazy? This workout is for you! The fast paced combinations are more advanced than most of my other Brighter Fitness Cardio workouts, so you may need to use the rewind swipe a couple times. The choreography gets a little goofy, crazy, and out there with moves like: Embarrass Yourself Runningman, Lolly Kicks and the Lightning Jog. Have fun going a little CRAZY in this challenging workout and be sure to make it hard by taking the lunges and squats really low and fully extending each movement!


In the cool down section we focus on trust. Trusting God. Have faith and exercise it. It’s like exercising your body. You can’t just buy a treadmill to get in shape. Use it. Move it!

When doubts come into our minds, trusting in the Lord’s promises will be required to move forward. In this way, we are exercising spiritual muscles and developing them into sources of strength in our lives

Juan Pablo Villar

We have to trust that He has given us a life that we can maximize

Sharon Eubank

These quotes give me energy in my faith and in my trust! How exciting to trust God, maximize our lives and have faith over doubt!

I hope that after doing this workout, your day is a little Brighter!


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