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“I don’t know but I been told …”

“Fall in soldiers! 

Could you survive 6 weeks of basic training in the army? This workout will imitate some army drills and elevate your fitness level. My style of routine is definitely not a military boot camp style. 50 lunges each leg with 50 push-ups then 50 sit-ups?? No thanks. BUT . . .  if you’re interested in a level of fun doing an army-type workout, then this is for you! It’s a boot-camp cardio workout!

Growing up in the army, I remember driving around the army base and seeing troops of soldiers jogging together. My favorite thing was passing by the flag pole in the evening when it was being lowered at put away, the soldiers would stop what they are doing and salute the flag. I love the discipline and posture of army drills. Seriously, watching how clean cut a troop of 50 does jumping jacks is very motivating for me. It’s my measuring stick of how well my Jumping Jack form is. Always. But especially in this routine. And of course adding drill-simulated choreography helps me focus on my form all throughout.

Be all you can be! This workout will be tough on the body and easy on the brain. Keep the proper form by having good posture throughout the workout. This is still a combination style routine, following the nature of Brighter Fitness routines, but its got the toughness it takes to make it basic training! Expect Lunges, Jumping Jacks and Burpees to give you the calorie burn you are looking for. Start this one, and don’t look back til you finish it! 


During the stretch, I share a small tidbit from a podcast I enjoy: 

Cultivate a Good Life – Episode 150: Where are you anchored?

It’s the hope that drives you! When you are putting all your might into something, put that HOPE in there with your might! Sometimes I am guilty of just trudging through something and not having this uplifting hope to make it lighter for me. Think about stretching your hamstrings after a run or a workout. Often we remember to stretch our quads. We forget that the hamstrings are part of that work too. So give them some love and stretch em out! Use your HOPE muscle!


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