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Get your supplies because we’re going to school . . . kickboxing style! I have loved kickboxing for a long time. Everyone should throw some punches and kick some trash every now and then. It feels good to act tough! This fun, at home kickboxing workout checks off your cardio exercise for the day in a major way. Make sure a towel is in your school supplies for this lesson 😉

A year after I became an ACE Certified Group Fitness Instructor, I really wanted to get my specific kickboxing certification. So when the program came to my hometown, I reserved my spot. I LOVED the all day long certification! We went through every punch and kick individually with attention to detail to get each one right. Having been in theater through high school and college, I was used to constructive criticism. So I gobbled up all the correction they gave so I could get it right. And in this fun at home kickboxing workout, I bring that to you!

Let’s take it back to school with kickboxing moves! If you’ve never thrown a punch or kicked the air, don’t worry, I got you. This is a great, sweaty workout from beginning to end! We start out doing basic moves, but in a certification style, where repetition not only brings the sweat but also improvement! I recommend watching the Brighter Fitness KICKBOXING INSTRUCTION 1 video first. It breaks down some of the trickier moves and concepts more slowly so its easier to pick it up in the routine. The second half of this kickboxing routine has a more intermediate feel and will challenge you mentally and physically. Rewind as much as you need! You’ll love the Roundhouse Kick, Hitch Kick, Superman Punch and Uppercuts!

You will absolutely love the uplifting stretch at the end of this cardio workout. We all need to give ourselves a lot more grace. “Grace” is actually the title of the short essay I share from the book, Come Sweet Day by Julianne Donaldson. Julianne shares her personal experience of getting back on the bike after a couple years of having it on the back burner. Her first ride was much more difficult than she thought it should have been. Other cyclists on the trail were passing her easily, making her feel more out of shape and discouraged. When she got home, she sat in the garage for a bit contemplating the hard and discouraging experience. Her teenage son came home and listened to her recount her ride. He gets on the bike himself, rides it for a few seconds and informs her that she has two flat tires and the bike is in a high gear. What an incredible lesson to learn from this! We are not all functioning on the same equipment! The other cyclists did not have flat tires or high gears. Doing the best we can is so individual. Our best effort will look different from others . . . and even from different periods of our lives. Take that in and accept your best without being discouraged at how different it may be.


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