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I’ve been to a lot of new schools throughout my life, growing up in the army. It becomes routine after like your 4th new school. It was still hard every time. Making a new friend is crucial to your success as the new kid in your first week of school. Third grade was my hardest experience. Many years later, my parents told me that I was actually diagnosed with school phobia that year. Fortunately, another gal in my class was having the same panic and nervousness, so the teacher’s aide put us together when we were struggling. Joanna became my best friend right away.

When September rolls around, school is back in session! I don’t mind learning a thing or two myself, especially when the lesson is in a workout. Building this routine was a different experience than what I normally do. I wanted to take some real glute-toners and incorporate them into my signature cardio fun! In the past when I’ve taught a “butt school”, I just did a rear end toning session after the cardio routine. This BACK-SIDE TO SCHOOL routine is an all-inclusive aerobics + toning workout!

It’s time to educate that backside, . . . cardio style! Typically, to focus on the glute muscles, you do a rigorous toning workout. But in true Brighter Fitness fashion, I take you through a fun at home cardio workout routine that engages the glutes throughout. So while your rear end gets an education, your heart rate is up and you are having fun! You’ll love the quick pace of this one too. Your fave moves will be the Knee Double Back, Tuck & Knee Check and Jack Climbers. (When we go to the floor, you can do the same movements from a standing position, which I demonstrate first.)


The quote I share in the stretching section is from a talk given in the General Conference April 2021 session of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It is titled, This is Our Time.

Our Heavenly Father wants us to love ourselves — not to become prideful or self-centered, but to see ourselves as He sees us: we are His cherished children. When this truth sinks deep into our hearts, our love for God grows. When we view ourselves with sincere respect, our hearts are open to treat others that way too. The more we recognize our divine worth, the better we understand this divine truth: that God has sent us right here, right now, at this momentous time in history, so that we can do the greatest possible good with the talents and gifts we have. This is our time!

Elder S. Gifford Nielsen

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