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Fall is my favorite season! I think most people love fall because it starts off the holiday feeling! Do you have any fall season traditions? One of ours is going to a local Fall Festival. There’s many activities to choose from and lots of good food, so it’s a hit with all the ages in my family. Its a good idea to have active traditions among all the food traditions too. Try your local fall festival out! Enjoy the play and discovery of childhood again! And do this fun cardio workout as part of your active fall traditions!

Last year, I tried the giant hamster wheel walk with my young girls. It is much harder than it looks! The three of us kept falling out. You gotta get the timing right of when you abandon the momentum of getting lower and start up high again. You kind of think it will be similar to a treadmill, but that assumption is way off. And when you don’t time it right, all you can do is just let gravity topple your legs on top of your arms. It’s a good thing the wheel stays upright, but it’s still a tad embarrassing. We had a good laugh amongst some tears. And we even tried it twice just because we were determined to get the hang of it. I hope you enjoy this active tradition of doing a fun cardio workout at home!

One of my favorite fall activities is taking the family to the local fall festival. This fun at home cardio workout will feel like the next best thing! We take the excitement of pumpkin patches, scarecrows and all things fall and add major cardio energy! I had so much fun choreographing this routine. Your favorite moves will be Criss Cross Jacks, MJ Hops and Clog Jogs. Practice the Inchworm Burpee and Double Hop-Zig Zags to make this cardio workout easier.

During the stretch, I share a message from a talk given by Elder Gary E. Stevenson in the April 2021 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He shares a story about a study done in the 1970’s with rabbits. This group of scientists conducted a study on the effects of fatty foods and poor nutrition on rabbits. One group of rabbits had 60% fewer fatty deposits in their arteries than the rest. When they compared every variable, they found the only difference was this group of rabbits were under the care of one particularly kind and gentle researcher. She cuddled and pet the rabbits as she fed them. This is proof that gentleness and kindness have physical side effects! This is NOT to encourage eating junk food while giving yourself some love, but to just encourage self love all around! Cheer yourself on when you workout and make good nutrition choices! You will feel better and move forward in your fitness goals!


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