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The first Brighter Fitness Happy Dance is here! Each Happy Dance is all about expressing happiness in a short easy dance . . . and celebrating the good things! Whenever you have a “win”, celebrate with a happy dance. If you don’t know any, learn a Brighter Fitness Happy Dance!

Think of it like a touchdown celebration that football players do. We can do our own happy dances way more often – when no one’s watching. When you turn down treats or a second helping. or drink water instead of stuffing your face, that is a big “W”. The behavior that gets attention gets repeated. So if you do a HAPPY DANCE every time you move forward in your fitness goals, you will keep moving forward!

“Lively” is for feeling jazzed about life. I love pumping the arms while my feet do some tricks!Your fave moves will be the Knee Ninjas and Charlestons. Feel a zest for life as you get down with these four 8 counts. And don’t forget to bust it out every time you feel like doing a HAPPY DANCE!



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