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Inspired Guns movie premier in Utah, January 2014.
I am 4 1/2 months pregnant w/ baby #6.

I have actually had the wonderful experience of being on the red carpet twice in my life! Well, not the red carpet … more like a red carpet. My husband is a filmmaker so we’ve enjoyed the premier and film awards ceremony, both on a red carpet for his first movie. Inspired Guns was an exciting ride and he brought home the Best Feature Film Award at the Utah Film Awards in 2015. I loved getting all dressed up and getting my hair and make-up done for both of these special nights. Y’all know I spent several weeks before these events trimming down and toning up.

I find myself preparing for another red carpet movie premier for Adam’s next movie, Funny Thing About Love! You guys, I am so excited about this! He is living his dream in being able to make another movie and I get to be right by his side through it all! Watch the preview!

2014 Utah Film Awards, in March 2015

With a big event coming up, we all seem to come up with more motivation than we had before; motivation to workout and to eat right. What we couldn’t make happen before is now our every thought! But I like to make this change as permanent and realistic as I can, so I need to have some major fun factor along with the challenge.

As I was coming up with this routine, I needed exercises that would tone up everything. Combining moves to increase strength with cardio came more easily than I expected! In this fun full body cardio routine, you will engage your core, tone up your arms, strengthen your glutes and trim down your thighs. The full package comes with Brighter Fitness FUN of course! Red Carpet Ready demands a lot in 30 minutes – total body tone and total body cardio!

Do you have a big event coming up? This workout is the perfect combination of total body toning and challenging cardio to help you get ready! For this 30 minute cardio workout, you will combine ab, arm, leg and glute toners with big aerobic movements. So you will feel busy and completely engaged for the entire full body workout. Fully extend your arms to get the core tight and the arms toned. Your favorite moves will be the Cymbals Lunges, Cow Tow Knees and the Brady Bunch Walk.

After this very full and busy workout, we enjoy a cool down with two uplifting thoughts from agreat talk titled, “One Percent Better”.

“If you broke down everything you could think of that goes into [what you want to accomplish], then improved it by 1 percent, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together.”2

Sir Dave Brailsford

…far outshining worldly silver or gold, our precious promise down our roadway to the eternities is that we will indeed “triumph in Christ.”11…Seek modest but makeable fixes in your life that might result in the sweet joy of being just a little better.

Elder Michael A. Dunn

The Lord loves effort! He will help us as we try to improve by 1%.


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