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It’s time to bring out the Christmas decorations and . . . the Alphabet Workout for the holidays! I love to use it as my cardio workout while watching Christmas movies. It’s a great one to get family members to join in with you, too. Especially if you are hosting company at your house. The time flexibility makes it easy for everyone participating to choose how long they wanna stick with it.

Alphabet Workout

By choosing the Alphabet Workout, you are committing to a challenging workout where you are setting the level of difficulty, the reps and the breaks. You control the duration! It’s a nice change to be the one in charge of your cardio workout.

During Christmas, I actually use several different themes.

  • Christmas Carols
  • Christmas Songs
  • Christmas Movies
  • Christmas Nativity
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Christmas Things

Choose a theme, make a list (or use one of mine), set a timer, and go for it! See how far you can get on the list. Or you can join me in true Greta-fashion and bust out a list while watching a Christmas TV movie by the light of your tree!

If you need a reminder of what each letter’s assigned move is, watch this short video! I go through each letter of the alphabet and demonstrate what the assigned exercise is! Enjoy your next Christmas-themed Alphabet Workout where you are in control!


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