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How is that I do most of my Christmas shopping online way back in October and November, and now I find myself in the holiday shopping traffic?! Rrg. Well, it’s because now I’ve run out of “arrives before Christmas” shipping days while trying to find the last few things. So here I am, caught up in the wrong reason for the season, and I may or may not have had way too many treats at a friend’s Christmas party. Is it stress eating? No more. I’m done. Gotta keep it together.

This 15 minute workout is perfect for a stressful month! It’s shortened so you know you can fit it in. And it gets the job done in only 15 minutes! You will stomp out some stress by taking it out on the floor! Make sure you have good shoes on. Take your drenched-in-sweat look when you’re done as a sign that you are CRUSHING it this month!

Enjoy this trimmed down cardio workout! Bring the THUNDER with your loud stomps and feel the RAIN of sweat on your face! This fun 15 minute cardio workout at home will challenge you with moves like Slap Jacks, Doorway Lunges and Grow the Corn. And don’t forget to bring it during the GRIT section! It’s meant to really crank up the fire! You will definitely be raining sweat when this 15 minute cardio workout is done. During the stretching, the hymn I read is “Did You Think to Pray?” by Mary A. Pepper Kidder.


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