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I’ve tested out this theory, that food will make my problems disappear. Multiple times. Through the years. A few times I felt a temporary lift, but the issues reappear quickly with more calories and guilt on the side. What is the deal? How should we deal with it all?

Are treats your coping mechanism to deal with your problems? Disagreements, frustrations, or disappointments – have you tried to numb out using sugar? Or maybe your drug of choice is chips – just something to take away the pain of the issue you’re trying to ignore. The old me would say, “Don’t try to tell me eating treats doesn’t work. I feel better when I have a treat. I know I will. I can count on it. And that’s all I want.” But the wiser me has a completely different thought.

Recently, I got angry over something (I don’t remember what), so I quickly shoved in 3 pieces of chocolate to deal with it. The faster you pop stuff in your mouth, the fewer calories it is, right? But this time, my problem didn’t disappear even for a couple seconds! I was still mad. So I was dealing with my anger and calories and guilt and disappointment … and, and, AND! I felt completely frustrated with myself for not sticking to my good habits on top of whatever it was that made me angry!

Fast forward to the next day, I was feeling my frustration rise, and I remembered that the treat theory did nothing for me the day before. So I went for a speed walk. WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!! I was able to clear my head and breathe some fresh air and push that “reset” button. Walking got my body and my thoughts moving . . . forward. Progress! And on top of that, I felt elated at my discovery – that MOVEMENT is a great way to deal with it!

Try this theory out with me! The next time you feel frustration, heartbreak, etc., deal with it using MOVEMENT! It just might work. And when it does, tell me all about it.

Your MOVEMENT of choice doesn’t have to be lengthy either. Just something short and sweet to help you reset. Check out these options:


No sportswear needed. And you can choose MOVEMENT even if it’s too cold or hot or dark outside to walk. 




If I only I had spent the years testing this method of MOVEMENT instead of treats, I would be a champion by now! Seriously, what have we got to lose? Giving yourself a time out and an action to take will always bring improvement. In fact, it can become a new habit! Let’s be new champions together – conquering our emotional emotions while keeping calories and guilt out of it!



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