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My favorite time of day to workout is in the early morning. I love, love, LOVE the dark mornings of winter. It feels like this secret “me” time that I get to indulge in, all to myself. I absolutely adore a dark, early morning workout. So it’s hard for me to see the sky getting lighter as spring approaches. But, spring always brings the idea of a fresh start with it! Every spring I feel like a new person just looking around at all the small suggestions of spring in my home decor.

Another thing that makes me feel like a new person is a fun and springy workout! This routine is a product of my need for renewal and all things fresh! You know when you hear a certain song and you just gotta move?  That’s how this whole workout feels! Each new section will be your new fave move to do. Of course, I can’t do a spring-y routine without some Runningman in the mix somewhere. Before you know it, you’ll be putting your whole heart and energy into the entire combination as you spring into action, start to finish.

Need some spring in your step? Some motivation to workout? Try this awesome 45 minute cardio workout at home! You just need enough will power to start the workout. Then let this cardio routine take it from there and produce more motivation to finish the workout! You will totally get energized through all the combinations with the amount of jumping and jogging. Stay with me through all of it to get the sweaty workout you’re looking for with all the benefits of burning fat & building your stamina. Your favorite moves will be the Saddle, Long Jump Squat and Prancing!

“Don’t play that DVD of your flaws and mistakes on repeat. Eject it and smash it. “

“Spend more time rehearsing thoughts that uplift you.”



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