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Summertime parades >sigh<. Doesn’t that bring on some nostalgia? A few summers ago, I choreographed a parade dance. It wasn’t as challenging as I thought it would be actually. My years of experience choreographing aerobics routines came in handy. This time I could include moves that propel your forward without needing steps to return back. The challenge was in figuring out how to pace it; not constantly in forward motion, but also not holding up the floats. I loved leading the whole crew of 20 girls dancing & marching to “Can’t Stop the Feeling” down the street covering 1 mile in our small town parade. It was a blast! -and a great workout and a super fun way to make the most out of 1 mile!

The actual phrase, “March Madness” refers to the college basketball playoffs in March. But for this at home workout, it’s all about creating MADNESS with a bunch of different ways to MARCH! Don’t expect this to be anything like the workout videos where they do lots of walking in place to claim covering several miles. This ain’t that. We will be up, down, around, side-ways, jumping, pivoting, squatting and yes, marching! You will feel the MADNESS dominating this fun at home workout!

Yes, there is marching in this fun cardio workout you can do at home. But, no, that’s not all there is! No marching in place here. This routine moves all over and keeps you energized. You might feel like you’re going mad with each new combination full of stomps, jumps, pivots, jacks and marches! This is a great fun cardio workout to do at home when you need to get some energy out. – whether it be anger and frustration or silliness and determination. Your fave moves will be the “Y” Stomp, Under-claps and Burpee Walk. This workout will get the job done! You’ll be sweaty and out of breath all the way through! 

The cool down thought:

You can’t hate yourself into being confident.



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