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“Please ask for assistance with items on the top shelf”. When you are taller than the average person, you ignore these signs. I myself am tall, my husband is tall and my older children are tall. We are taller than most employees at these stores and typically don’t require the assistance of a ladder to get what we need. With my height comes compensation to take up less room or not be as noticeable. During my kickboxing certification, the instructor had to tell me to extend my arms all the way in my jabs and crosses. I hadn’t realized I was not fully extending my arms – must’ve been from years of trying to not take up as much space. Now I was being encouraged to use the length God gave me and take a full extended punch! It felt great! During the half-speed sections, I remind myself to fully extend my punches.

Interval training is a great way to maximize your workouts. In running interval training, you mix up the exertion levels of running with walking – jump starting your heart rate again every time you run after walking. Designing a kickboxing workout like this that you can do at home, builds on interval training easily. Kickboxing moves are executed quickly so it’s necessary to learn them at half speed. And reviewing them at half speed will help your brain hang onto each combination better. All the jacks I put in the routine give your heart rate a boost while giving your brain a break. You’ll love all the variety in each kickboxing combination!

Tone up all through this fun kickboxing workout you can do at home! Each section has punches, kicks and jumping jacks to level up your workout. These combinations will tone your arms, build your leg muscles, engage your core and work your heart. Your brain will be working too, remembering all the changes! Interval training is naturally built in to this cardio kickboxing workout with all the half-time building and review! Your favorite moves will be the Triple Double Crosses, Kick Lunges and 3 Jack Aerial.


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