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Did you run track in high school? I wasn’t really an athlete. My sister was. Sometimes I would join her on her runs after school in our neighborhood. Not for very long mind you, but we really enjoyed the time to ourselves chatting and jogging. Our strides were different lengths with a one foot height difference, but that made our speeds the same. It wasn’t until I was pregnant with my third child that I became a runner. Up until this point,  I never really chose to run for exercise. I couldn’t even run one mile without taking a walking break. So that is what I did for a long time – interval training. And I ran through that entire pregnancy, all the way up to the day I went into labor.

Because I run on the days that I’m not doing aerobics, I thought it would be fun to cater to all the runners and want-to-try-running-ers in a fun cardio workout you can do at home. So even though I never ran track in high school, I’ve got a lot of mileage in my adult years that I can provide some experience with in a run-training aerobics routine. And it’s such a good idea to break up your weekly run schedule.

Wanna make some strides with your running? This fun cardio workout you can do at home will help you with your run days, without actually running! There won’t be as much pounding feet on the ground as a run would have, but you will sweat and get your heart rate up! Each move is designed to improve the muscle tone in everything that you use on a run. Your favorite moves will be the Half Squat Jumps, On Your Mark and the SeeSaw.


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