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Short dance posts on social media are such a fun craze! The world of dance has opened up to more people that have never been in a dance class, but love to watch and pick up on the energy. My favorite dances are the ones that moms do. I feel like I’m part of their special club where we don’t have to give up dancing just because we don’t teach dance or have an opportunity to perform. If we can learn it, we can post it. And the range is wide from simple to complicated, from just posing to barely moving, to some more intricate steps. So here’s me jumping on this craze with a more intricate dance. The best part is that in addition to posting the dance, I teach you how to do it!

The inspiration for this choreography came from watching dances myself and learning some moves that I liked it. And I gotta add my own flavor. I feel young and vibrant when I do this one and I hope that you will too! So this actual dance isn’t anywhere but here! Can you spot the Runningman? It’s a classic move that I love to put into my cardio routines and now, a happy dance!

This short happy dance will make you feel vibrant and energized! This dance is specifically choreographed to “22” by Taylor Swift. Enjoy learning some slightly more complicated steps to the chorus. It may even be challenging enough to get your heart rate up and count as a workout. And you’ll feel like celebrating once you’ve learned the whole thing. Most likely, you will need to rewind to review sections that need more time to get down. Pull it out often enough to keep it fresh. I would love it if you filmed it and posted it to social media! Whether you’re older or younger than 22, the message is the same – enjoy life and be vibrant!


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