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We all need some shorter workout options for those days when we don’t have the time for the full session. And we need it to count. This one does double duty because it gets that cardio sweat you need and tones the glutes. Have fun in this short workout you can do at home!  

It’s time to educate that backside, . . . cardio style! Typically, to focus on the glute muscles, you do a rigorous toning workout. But in true Brighter Fitness fashion, I take you through a fun 30 minute cardio workout routine that engages the glutes throughout. So while your rear end gets an education, your heart rate is up and you are having fun! You’ll love the quick pace of this at home cardio workout too. Your fave moves will be the Knee Double Back, Tuck & Knee Check.

For the full length blog post & workout, click here!


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