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America’s favorite pastime, baseball. One of America’s favorite movies, The Sandlot. These are two classic American things to do every summer, to play some ball and have a movie night. Though I was never on a real team, I enjoyed playing in a few church softball games for a couple summers. I was surprisingly not terrible at bat. Catching and throwing … I could’ve used more practice there. My siblings and I  would watch The Sandlot pretty much every summer since it came out. I need to make sure it’s a thing with my own kids now.

My mother played catcher for my bother’s coach-pitch baseball team. Her take-away from that experience is, “Don’t stand up to throw it back. Ever! Just throw it from where you are on the ground already. Your thighs will feel murdered if you.” Sounds like playing catcher would be quite the workout. I wanted to include a catcher move into a workout, so I just made the whole thing based off of baseball. How fun is it to play a pick up game like in The Sandlot? In this workout, you’ll be simulating all the moves from playing a couple innings.

Hey batter, batter, batter, swing batter! This workout has a baseball theme, but the focus is all in the legs. Consider this your aerobic leg day! Enjoy a little bit of America’s favorite pastime in a short 30 minute workout designed to burn calories and your legs! There’s both defense and offense to get your heart rate way up – you might feel like you got rained out by the time the workout’s over. You will play catcher, pitcher, first base, outfield and definitely hit the ball and score. Your favorite moves will be Ground Ball, the Pitcher and Batter Up! Let’s play ball!!!



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