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I’ve never been to a concert. Am I alone here? I always wonder what it would have been like to see my fave group live and see how they entertain a humongous live audience. It must be so cool! Like most teenage girls though, I have seen many music videos of my fave boy bands. I’m talking from the late ’80’s & ’90’s: New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC, 98′. So if you have any merch from a boys’ band concert (or just because), by all means, WEAR IT for this workout!

There is some choreography that I’ve only seen performed by boy bands that need another day in the sun – like being in an aerobics routine! You feel me? I came up with this workout starting with a move I actually call “Boys’ Band”. It’s been in my routines through the years and it’s always so fun! Every class member knows right away which band it’s from and even which song. So I decided to collect more signature moves to use in a routine. After recalling some MTV from the 80’s and brushing up on a few Just Dance videos, all I needed was a few in-between-ers. Trust me, you will get into it! And when you do, you’ll be out of breath with your heart racing having the time of your life in this trip down memory lane!

Need a summer concert pick-me-up in your day? This BOYS’ BAND fun cardio workout routine you can do at home will have you jamming out even after you’re done exercising! Even if you didn’t grow up. in the 80’s & 90’s, you’ll recognize the moves from some of your favorite songs! Easily picture yourself in the music video or onstage at a live concert as you bust a move with this super fun choreography! Your fave moves will be The Right Stuff, Boys’ Band Squats and Audience Reach! Feel free to wear any merch you may have and run your hand through your hair at any time 😉


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