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Are you a morning person? Jumping out of bed ready to greet the day…? Truth be told, I am a morning person. I love mornings all to myself when the house is quiet and I can start my day with a fun workout. I do not, however, jump out of bed with enthusiasm. It feels like I have to ignore the list of reasons to go back to bed, and just put my faith that I will be so glad I got up early in motion. So even though I don’t literally have a morning bell to indicate its time to focus, I do have my fun at home workout that jump starts my focus and energy! What is your “morning bell”? It can be a fun workout you can do at home with me … like MORNING BELL!!

Every new school year starts with some basics to ease you back into learning. I decided to keep things uncomplicated just like the first month of school for this aerobics class. I love workouts that give me more energy too. Creating this fun workout you can do at home came quickly as I combined the two themes: simple & energetic. There’s no need to complicate things just to keep a workout interesting. And every cardio workout should have a give and take of energy. I found myself smiling every time I plunged into this routine. After the full 30 minutes sweating, smiling and giving it your all, you’ll be ready to plunge into the rest of your day! Do this one every week all month long!

The bell rang and it’s time to go to school – sweat school that is! This 30 minute cardio workout will get you drenched in sweat first thing in the morning. Don’t worry if you’re not alert when you start the warm up, there’s lots of review built into this one with focus on the core and the legs. By the end you will feel powerful and ready to conquer anything! The moves you will love/hate in this 30 minute fun & challenging cardio workout are the Double Kick Buns Jog, Lava Squats and Magic Show. Leave a comment to let me know your favorite one!

Whales live in a world they are not of. They must leave it to get air to survive. It is similar with us. We live in a world we are not of. We must commune with God to survive


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