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Let’s go back to school with kickboxing class! If you’re new to kickboxing, don’t worry, I got you. This is a great, sweaty workout from beginning to end! We do basic moves, but in a certification style, where repetition brings improvement and the sweat! I recommend watching the Brighter Fitness KICKBOXING INSTRUCTION 1 video first. It breaks down some of the trickier moves and concepts more slowly so it’s easier to pick up in the routine. Rewind as much as you need or do it twice in a row to get really get it down. You’ll love the Roundhouse Kick, Hitch Kick, Superman Punch and Uppercuts! Search for the full 45 minute version right here on the search feature.

The book I refer to during the stretching portion is titled, “Come Sweet Day” by Julianne Donaldson.


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