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My mother did aerobics videos when I was a kid. I love that having a mother who did workouts at home is part of my upbringing! We had many aerobics VHS tapes on the entertainment center shelf. Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith, Denise Austin, Richard Simmons, Gilad … we did all the OG’s workouts! All us daughters would join in occasionally too. Such a great habit to instill in your children.

Even as a young girl, I had some favorite moves from these original superstar workouts! I incorporated some of those into this super fun 80’s AEROBICS Class you can do at home! You know my philosophy – workouts should be FUN & CHALLENGING! So these classic moves bring the fun factor and the sweat together for a totally radical workout session!

Ready for a RAD workout you can do at home? You’ll burn calories in a major way while doing some totally awesome moves from the 80’s! We’ve also got steps to tone your thighs & core as a bonus in this fun aerobics class. It’s all about the fun during a very challenging workout with Brighter Fitness. Your fave moves will be the Richard Simmons, L Knees and the KickingMan.

The scriptures I use in the devotional stretch are:

  • Romans 15:13   
  • 1Peter 1:3

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