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I remember finding out my birthday was on Halloween. At four years old, I didn’t remember, so I asked my sisters. I didn’t believe them… Could it be real? … I have the coolest birthday in the whole world! Every year, my party had a creative Halloween activity like decorating sweatshirts with pumpkin cut outs and puff paint. It helps that I actually love taking my children trick-or-treating and it seems everyone is celebrating with me!

With so many choices of what to be for Halloween every year, I knew there was a gold mine of characterized moves I could choreograph into a fun Halloween routine. Spooky characters lend themselves to lunges and squats easily. The more fun characters add some jumps. As I got going, I found really energizing moves for each character! This theme has brought pizzazz and creativity to the aerobic workout you can do at home. 

Trick-or-Treat!!! This fun and spooky workout gives you both the “tricks” and the “treats” throughout the entire 45 minute aerobics class you can do at home! Each character has its own tailored moves to perform in the routine. Even Dracula has energy and don’t leave out the Princess! Use this workout all October long surrounded by your Halloween decorations! Your favorite characters will be Ninja Turtle, Mario, Mummy and Witch!

The rat experiment I refer to in the stretch devotional can be found here.



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