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Football is a part of every Thanksgiving at my house. All the nephews, uncles, sons, brothers, dads and some years, the neighborhood will toss the pig skin around a bit in the morning. I enjoy watching them layer up and head outside for some two-hand touch.  And every year the game is on while the cooking and baking take over the rest of the house. Don’t worry, we switch back to the parade often. Actually, everyone enjoys both events broadcasted that day.

This workout took me out of my comfort zone. I enjoy watching the game, but let’s just say I would be the last one picked for teams if I wanted to join in. But for the Football-themed aerobics class, I would be first pick. I can pretend throw, pretend hike, pretend block, take a hit, and do a touchdown dance like no ones’ business. So if playing football is something you’ve never done, you’re in good company! And you will love this workout as you laugh through each new combination. If you have actually played football, then rest assured, my husband helped me get the moves down to some resemblance of what it looks like in a football game.

Down set hike! Trim your muffin top with my fun FOOTBALL aerobics class. Keep the calories at bay with each combination in this challenging routine! From the kick-off to the touchdown celebration, you will have your heart rate up and your core engaged. Don’t let the team down with half effort squats or throws! Get the “W” with all the runs, jumps, kicks, catches by putting in full effort! Your favorite moves will be Blue 42, Touchdown Celebration and Juke! Do this one 4 times in 4 weeks for maximum results and major calories burned! 


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