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Harvest season always makes me think of the country. And when I think of the country, I think of a Country Hoe Down! Celebrating the harvest with a good boot scootin’ dance step or two is something we all need to try every autumn. And while we’re at it, let’s trim down the waistline and tone up the legs. Country line dancing and country swing are the most popular forms of country dance that you would see when there’s a country song playing. But don’t worry, we don’t rotate which way we face and there aren’t any triple turns in this fun Country Dance Cardio Routine.

Along with the traditions of football, parade and feast, I love my Thanksgiving tradition of working out first thing in the morning! If you’ve never done it, don’t worry, you can start a new tradition. Many of my friends sign up for the local turkey trot, I have never done one actually – but I have enjoyed several miles of running on my own on that turkey day morn. My new favorite tradition is waking my daughters early and doing a Brighter Fitness Cardio Crave Workout together! It’s so fun to move the couch and crowd up the room while we bust a move in our pjs. So much laughing!

Let’s take AEROBICS to the country! It feels great to put some yee-haw into your workout shoes and get your heart rate up! This fun intermediate level dance cardio workout will boost your mood, tone your glutes & hamstrings and burn a harvest of calories! Make sure you clear the floor so you have room to go big. Rewind it if you need to, especially for the Boot Scoot section. Give it your rootin’ tootinest to burn the maximum calories. Your favorite moves in this fun dance cardio routine will be the Rocking Horse, OK Jog, and Cowboy Kicks. 



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