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As soon as I watch an Avengers movie, I feel like I’m ready to train for a fight. Even hough so much of the action scenes and fight scenes are unrealistic, they are inspiring! And just knowing all the training that the actors went through to get the choreography down and the look just right … I’m so envious! I would love to have to learn a fight sequence and train for 6 months.

The next best thing that I am actually able to do, is a kickboxing routine. This class is a good mix of superhero action and kickboxing. But it’s all cardio and toning in one super fun workout. You’ll find some Marvel inspiration in several of these moves. If it helps you get into the “kick butt” mentality, put some fingerless gloves and a utility belt on! j/k. I wouldn’t say I’m ready for my close-up after doing this workout a couple times, but I’m getting there.

Kick major butt and save the day with this awesome SUPERHERO KICKBOXING WORKOUT! You’ll be drenched in sweat, out of breath and on your toes through each of these Superhero combinations. Shield Man, Freeze Man and Lights Out are the made up superheroes that each have a 4 part combination and an action sequence. Expect to be busy, challenged and focused during this kickboxing workout at home. Your favorite moves will be the Shield Throw, Stop Traffic and Crescent Knee Jacks. 




  1. Flinging shields and catching them, worked my core so FUNLY. Loved the fun knee kick lunge punch back. Then later out out lunge, jump up. All the moves weren’t typical kick boxing so that creativity kept my energy up!! You’re such a doll!!Thank you for leading us in a workout, just fun to work out with ya! Sending love and prayers to your sister who is sick with cancer. 😘😘😘

    • Thank you so much Emily! It makes me smile ear to ear to hear from you – and that you enjoyed this workout so much! I love how you include the moves that you like the most! I’m glad you’re having as much fun as I am doing these moves! And thank you for praying for my sister <3

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