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What’s with the whistling? Do you whistle while you work? Have you ever listened to music while you get stuff done? So … blasting some tunes is the modern version of Snow White’s cleaning routine. I grew up jamming out to Debbie Gibson, Whitney Houston and Tiffany while doing chores. And I guess that has stuck with me. Listen, I gotta move when there’s music on, so I might as well be getting stuff done, having fun and making up new dances. As I choreographed this routine, I found myself focusing on blowing out with a lot of the moves. And breathing out is so important when you workout. When you hear an instructor prompt, “Don’t forget to breathe,” they are referring to the common habit of holding your breath while exercising. Remember to breathe out. Count along with your instructor, talk out loud to the instructor, cheer and make noise, or … whistle! You will get more out of your workout and have more fun as you continue to breathe out on the effort and add in a few whistles. Because honey, this workout is work!

Create an exercise habit with this fun and challenging cardio workout you can do at home! This aerobics class online will tone your legs and trim your muffin top. You will be engaging your core throughout the entire cardio workout. Remember to breathe out (or whistle) on the effort – there’s a lot of effort in this routine. But don’t worry, we break it up with interval training so you have moves that will help you actively recover. Your fave moves will be the Soccer Kicks and the Charlie’s Angels Skate.



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