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It wasn’t until my hubby and I moved with our four children out of state that I experienced being in charge of the full Thanksgiving dinner. Since being married, I took my assignment to contribute to the feast every year. When we moved away from family, the entire meal was up to me. Here are a few words to describe how I felt: Fulfilled, crazy, sweaty, prepared, exhausted. From the rolls to the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, green beans, dessert, sweet potato side, I was super busy all day. My oldest children were 6 and 7, so I put their little hands to work wherever it made sense. By the end of the feast, I had used up every ounce of energy I had. So, though this was the inspiration behind FULL FAST FEAST, it will not leave you drained like I felt that particular year. It will actually leave you charged up!

A FEAST of a cardio workout! This one is full of variety and challenge. Have you ever felt like being in charge of a holiday gathering is a legit workout? Me too! That is the inspiration for this routine. The moving around constantly feels freeing, wild and fun in this setting, because there’s no stress or pressure. Enjoy the Criss Cross Jacks and the Show Time Run as you picture yourself taking charge of a full fast feast!


Give yourself credit where credit is due. Finish the workout and celebrate! Earn your stretch and show gratitude out loud as you finish up!

I hope that after doing this fun cardio workout your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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