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I live in sunny Arizona, where the seasons are basically spring and summer. But having spent many years up north, I know the re-energizing a new spring season can give you. When the sun is out more, the snow piles finally melt and bare branches start budding, you feel a fresh start coming on! And with that, the feeling to be outside more. When the weather is great, I really enjoy playing with my kids outside. How many years has it been since you last played freeze tag? It’s exhausting, and such a good way to exercise with your kids and enjoy springtime. I wanted to capture the joy of sunshine in my choreography, so what better way than to include big arm movements and high jumps to make a fun at home cardio routine!

To simulate a feeling of soaking up the sun, I like to include turns. Whenever there is a turn in a workout, like a Going Nowhere or the Windmill Turn particularly in this routine, make sure you have the footwork down first. If turning away from the screen confuses you, it’s not worth it. Feel free to rewind if you need to to make sure you get it.

This sweaty workout will give you a spring in your step as you conquer all the challenging and fun moves like Windmill Turn, Pep Rally, Knee Repose & Bear Crawl! Jump up high for the extra HIIT training . . . or . . . keep it low impact without the jumps. Need a workout that is energizing and fun? Spring Fever delivers just that! Even if it isn’t spring outside, you’ll feel the charge of spring with every step. This Cardio Crave routine will have you craving your next aerobic workout!


Enjoy some quick standing abs and a good stretch after all that hard work. The thought I share during this section is,

“The Lord can make the willing, able. He cannot make the able, willing.”

We of course were born with the agency to choose. And if we are willing to do good, think of others, and put God first, He can make us able to do it. Whether it be time or means or energy that we need to do it, He will make us able. Secondly, we will hear many voices in each given day. The most important voice for us to hear is God’s. I loved hearing the suggestion to pray for that. Pray for the stillness and ability to hear God’s voice.

I hope that after doing this fun cardio workout your day is a little BRIGHTER.


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