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I married an athlete. A basketball player to be exact. Sports was not my thing growing up . . . playing or watching. But since being married, sports became a big part of my life. Watching my husband play basketball in college and city leagues, then watching my sons play. And of course the NBA and NCAA is often on. Naturally, I learned a lot about the sport and became a fan of whatever team my husband and boys were fans of. Though I cannot play basketball a t a l l and in fact greatly dislike playing it, I do love watching it! Every March, the brackets come out and we tune in and follow our teams! This was the inspiration for HOOP IT UP.

Get your head in the game with this March Madness Basketball cardio workout routine! For all you athletes that prefer less dancey routines, this fun cardio workout is for you! You’ll play some defense and offense, get low and jump high all while working up an awesome sweat! Some well known basketball moves are weaved in like the Chest Pass, Lay Up and even a Foul Shot! During this super fun cardio routine, picture yourself at The Big Dance. The opposing teams for this game are YOU vs. COMFORT LEVEL. Make sure you push yourself out of your comfort zone and score! You win with every ounce of energy you put into your jumps, squats and shuffles. Focus, keep your head in the game and get the “W”!


During the stretch that you earn, I talk about worth. I am a Christian. I believe that we did not come to Earth to earn our worth. We already have it. Let’s not waste time listening to thoughts that attack our self worth. Our self worth is valued high. Own it. Believe it. Show that you believe it by saying wonderful things about yourself out loud. Don’t let the adversary get the “W” from the self worth battle.

I hope after doing this fun cardio workout that your day is a little BRIGHTER!


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