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When your schedule gets busy, something’s gotta give. Right? You weed through what can be done at bare minimum level and what you can just give up. Dinner can be cereal. Chores can be ignored. Showers can be skipped. But I’m a firm believer in not skipping the workout. I can always do something

On vacation or in a hectic week, the habit of working out is more important than the duration. If you tell yourself you just don’t have time for a 30 minute workout so you should just skip it, you’re walking on thin ice. It’s way too easy to give up your exercise routine when you’re busy or on vacation . . . And before you know it, you’ve been too busy to workout for a whole month. Trust me, skip something else and just shorten your workout. You’ll stay on top of your fitness goals even with a 5-10 minute workout!

Short on time? Short on space? No problem! If you have a busy schedule, this quick 10 minute fun cardio workout is perfect. Each circuit has a Jack section and a Jill section. Did you know there are several different ways to do a Jumping Jack? You’ll enjoy the Plank Jacks and Aerial Jacks combined with Scissor Lunges and Pike Crosses. If you don’t have much time today, don’t worry, this cardio routine will get your major calorie burn in for the day!


The person you spend the most time with is yourself. So you two better get along. Be nice to yourself!

I hope that after doing this workout your day is a little Brighter!


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