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What abilities or powers would you want as a superhero? Super strength, flight, speed? All of the above? Let’s include the ability to withstand a lot of pain, too. It seems every superhero depicted in the movies have a very high pain threshold wouldn’t you say? Let’s face it – saving the world requires one to be able to dish it out and take it. I shut my thumb in a drawer and I was out for the count. I couldn’t breathe, so forget about continuously punching and kicking. That day I discovered I could never save the world.

Without super powers, I still feel like I’m pretty super every time I do a kickboxing workout. All the punching, kicking, blocking and jumping releases stress and frustration. The endorphins boost from kickboxing absolutely changes my day for the better. Always. If you need a confidence boost, do a kickboxing workout at home!    

Get rid of your frustration & get in shape at the same time with this FUN KICKBOXING workout! You’ll learn fun & challenging combinations for three original superheroes: Lightning, The Wrestler & Straight Arrow. Each combination will challenge you mentally & physically, with an action shot at the end. Thirty minutes goes by fast when you fill it with roundhouse kicks, hook punches & chair slams! Your favorite moves will be the Hitch Kicks, Hi Hi’s Lo Lo’s and the Superman Punch! 


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